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McKenney Home Care announces Office Move to accommodate accelerated growth

McKenney Home Care announced today the relocation and expansion of its corporate headquarters to a new office on Bonita Beach Road. Expanding to 5,000 square feet is a substantial upgrade from the Company’s prior offices and will provide the necessary infrastructure for the Company to continue to build on its current momentum and to advance […]

Clutter is Hazardous to Health. Picture of a house with all kinds of clutter stacked up.

Clutter is Hazardous to Health

We like our stuff.  When we run out of room for it in our attics, basements, and garages, we rent more storage. The impulse to accumulate things may be a genetic leftover from the days of our ancestors, when survival depended on having enough food to get through lean times and the necessity of making […]

Preventing Gardening Injuries. Picture of an older caucasian female working in her flower garden.

Preventing Gardening Injuries

It’s time to bring out the green thumb because gardening season is upon us. Many enjoy gardening and its numerous health benefits. However, it is important to be mindful of the stress and strain activities such as digging, planting, weeding, and raking can cause. The back, knees, neck, and shoulders can be especially vulnerable to […]

Diabetes Increases Stroke Risk in Women. Picture of a young latino female nursing aide helping an older caucasian female check her clood sugar.

Diabetes Increases Stroke Risk in Women

Diabetes, a chronic condition affecting millions worldwide, is often associated with a myriad of health complications. Among these, the heightened risk of stroke stands as a particularly grave concern, especially for women. Understanding the intricate relationship between diabetes and stroke risk is crucial for effective prevention and management strategies. The Diabetes-Stroke Link Research has consistently […]

Unraveling the Connection: Exploring the Link Between Blood Sugar and Dementia. Picture of a blood sugar monitor in front of a delicious looking cake.

Unraveling the Connection: Exploring the Link Between Blood Sugar and Dementia

As our understanding of brain health continues to evolve, researchers have uncovered a compelling link between blood sugar levels and the risk of dementia.1 While diabetes has long been recognized as a significant risk factor for cognitive decline, emerging evidence suggests that even subtle fluctuations in blood sugar levels among non-diabetic individuals may contribute to […]